Have you ever taken a swim and later noticed your blonde hair turned green?

Can saltwater pools cause green hair?

Yes, both saltwater pools and chlorine pools can cause green hairs especially if your hairs are blonde, light, or gray.

The Main Reason why your pool water turns your hair green is not the chlorine but the copper in your pool water.

In this article, we will discuss how to prevent saltwater pools from copper oxidation which turns your hair green.

And we will also discuss how you can fix your pool water and balance all the chemicals and solve all the problems.

Let’s get started.

Will Salt Water Pools Turn Your Hair Green?

Can Saltwater Pools Cause Green Hair

Green Hairs

If you already have a saltwater pool or looking to invest in one then let me tell you first.

Saltwater pools are not the one and only pool which turns your hair green because this problem is also common in chlorine pools.

So both chlorine pools and saltwater pools cause green hair especially if your hair is light or blonde.

This happens due to copper which is oxidized by chlorine which will affect the water in the pool and produce green tint in the hairs.

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Can Salt Water Pools Cause Green Hairs?

Yes, salt water can cause green hairs due to the high copper metal in salt water.

Saltwater pools are also chlorine-based pools that convert the salt into chlorine by their filter.

And when copper is oxidized by chlorine then it can increase the copper metal in saltwater pools which results in turning your hair green.

4 Ways to Prevent Green Hairs From A Pool

There are lots of ways to prevent your hair from turning green in a pool.

But if you are a pool owner then the easiest way to prevent your hair from turning green is to keep the very low copper content.

1. Use Hair Conditioner

If you are swimming in someone else’s pool then you don’t have control over their pools.

So the one best thing you can do to prevent your blonde hair from turning green is to use a hair conditioner before swimming.

But remember to use hair conditioner on your hair, and leave it as it is while swimming (Do not wash the Hair Conditioner when you apply it before you swim).

Because hair conditioner in your hairs can make the hairs less likely to absorb copper from pool water.

And once you are done swimming, wash your hair immediately, do not keep your hair dry.

2. Avoid Using Copper-Based Algaecides

Some pool owners use copper-based algaecides for killing algae but they also cause high copper content in pool water which cause green hairs.

So always avoid copper base algaecides, you can use other copper-free algaecides for killing algae in your pool.

3. Balance the pH Level in Pool Water

Another main reason why your pool water has a high amount of copper content is because there is no balance of pH levels in your pool.

A low pH level can corrode surfaces in the pool system and dissolve metals into the pool water which also causes an increase in the amount of copper in your pool water.

How to get rid of Green Hair From A Pool

If your hair already turned into green after swimming in a pool then there are some proven ways and tricks to get rid of green hairs.

One of the best ways to remove green hair is by using shampoo.

If shampoo is not working then you can wash your hair with tomato juice or lemon juice which can turn your hair color back and remove the green hair.

You can also use apple cider vinegar, and ketchup for cleaning your hair and removing the green hair.

And if you don’t have anything then you can use baking soda, which you can find very easily in your kitchen.

Just mix 0.5 cups of baking soda with water and turn that into a paste by mixing them.

Then apply to your dampened hair after shampoo which can effectively remove the green hairs.

Signs of High Copper In Your Pool

Most pool owners don’t even know if the copper level in their pool has been increased.

It’s important for you to know the signs of high copper in your pool.

The recommended range of copper metal in your pool should be 0.2 ppm to 0.4 ppm.

And when your pool has higher copper levels than this then it can cause side effects.

  • Side effects like if your hair is blonde or light then it can turn your hair green.
  • It can also create greenish blue in color stains on the walls of the pool.
  • Increase the cloudiness in your pool
  • Incorrect water testing results can imbalance all the chemicals in your pool.

It’s important for you to keep copper levels in your pool balanced.

How to Test Copper Levels in A Pool

To check whether the copper levels in your pool water are high or low, it’s important for you to do a copper level test.

You can use swimming pool water strips which are specially designed for testing copper levels in a pool.

But make sure you should choose test strips according to the type of pool have.

Because saltwater pools require different test strips.

You can also take a sample of your water and give them to the pool company for testing the copper content in your pool.

And always remember to keep the copper content in your pool as low as possible.

Final Words

If you are considering investing in a saltwater pool then you may hear saltwater pools can cause green hairs,

But all swimming pools can cause green hairs especially if the copper content in pool water is high.

And if your hair already turned green, you can use shampoo and other home remedies to remove the green hairs.

If you have any questions regarding saltwater pools and green hairs then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.