Most people never test or keep an eye on metals in their pool, and some people ask something like should I have metals in my saltwater pools?

Yes, all types of pool contains metals and saltwater pools also has metals.

And high metal content in your saltwater pool can cause stains on the liner or other surfaces on your pool.

And these stains can be difficult to remove since it’s caused by high metal content so you need to lower or balance the metal content in your saltwater pools.

In this article, we will discuss what metals saltwater pools contain, how metals get into a pool, how should you test the balance of metals, and how to lower or remove the metals.

We will also discuss how you can remove the stains which are caused by metals in your saltwater pools.

So stay tuned.

What Metals Do Salt water pools Contain and how do they get in your pool?

Here are some metals that are commonly found in saltwater pools.

Iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, and silver.

But the most common metals found in saltwater pools are iron and copper which also cause stains and make your pool water cloudy.

These metals are not harmful but if your pool has a high amount of iron and copper then it can cause solid stains on the linen and other surfaces of your pools which are hard to remove.

You may ask ‘how these metals get into your pool.

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How do Metals Get in Salt Water Pools?

The most common metals found in all types of pools are copper and iron.

These metals naturally occur in water, and these metals are also found in municipal water and salt water.

  1. Iron and copper can get into the pool water from damaged iron pipes which can make the metal amount high in your pool water.
  2. Commonly used algaecides that contain copper 
  3. From corrosion of the pump, heater, filter, or pipes.
  4. From toys or other metal equipment like metal clips or others

And there are lots of ways for metals to get into your pool water.

But it’s important to test how much metals you have in your pool water and lower or remove the metals from your pool.

How to Test Salt Water Pools For Metals?

It’s important for you to know whether the metal contents in your pool water are high or low and if high then which metals are high in your pool.

Because according to that data, you can remove the metals from your saltwater pools.

But usually, there is a high chance the metals which are high in content are copper and iron.

Here are some ways to test pool water for metals.

Way 1: Chemical Reaction Test

If your pool surface or linen has stains then you can test whether that stain is caused by organic or metallic.

Just place a chlorine tablet on that stain and if the stain lightens or disappears then that stain is caused organically.

And if the stains remain same then that stain is caused by metals.

Way 2: Metal Test Kits

This is another effective and proven way to test the metals in your pool.

These metal test kits can be expensive which tests the metals in your pool water, you can use colorQ Pro 11 strip to test the metals.

Other companies like Aquacheck or Taylor also have copper test strips.

By using these strips you can know exactly whether the metals in your pool water are high or low.

You can read the manufacturer’s guide on how to use these strips.

How to Remove Metals From Salt Water Pools?

In most cases, the amount of metals in your pool water won’t be high.

But when the metal content in your salt water becomes high then you need to remove the metals from the pool.

Either you can use chemical products to reduce the levels of metals in your pool or you can use acid wash.

How to Remove Metal Stains From Salt Water Pools?

There are two main ways to remove metal stains from pool liners or floors,

Way 1: Spot Removing

If the metal stain is small then you can remove the stain by rubbing them with cloth, towel, or other cleaning devices.

You can even use a vitamin C tablet and rub it on the stain.

Way 2: Use Chemical Product

There are plenty of chemical products that can remove the metal stains from the surfaces or lines of your pools.

If the stain is persistent even after using chemical products then you can use your hands and scrub the stain.

But in most cases, if you use chemical products then the stain will be gone.

Should I Have Metals in My Saltwater Pools?

If your pool has metals then you remove them by using your hand or using chemical products.

Usually, then metals in your saltwater pools are copper and iron.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you have saltwater pools or chlorine pools, if you want to maintain the balance of metals in your saltwater pool then you can test the metals in your pool.

And if the metals in your pool cause stains then you can use chemical products to remove the metal stains.

But always balance all chemicals in your pool.

If you have any questions regarding metals in saltwater pools then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.