If you are a beginner at swimming pool maintenance then one small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

Some swimming pool owners add too many chemicals in their pool without testing the water and one of the common question swimming pool owners asks is,

Can you run pool robot while shocking pool?

The shortest answer is, Do not Run the pool robot while shocking the pool because shocking the pool can increase the chlorine concentration and it can cause the automatic bot cleaner’s plastic to deteriorate.

In this article, we will discuss why you shouldn’t run a pool cleaner robot while shocking the pool and how to step by step do the process of pool vacuum, shocking the pool, and running the robotic pool cleaner.

If you are a beginner at this then believe me, after reading this article you will be a pro at doing these steps to maintaining your pool.

Vacuum, Shock, and Robotic Pool Cleaner

Lots of swimming pool owners who are beginners at swimming pool maintenance even don’t know which steps they should do first and the importance of vacuuming, shocking, and cleaning the pool with bot cleaner.

Some beginners even run their bot cleaners while shocking the pool or vacuuming the pool which is the biggest mistake and can damage expensive bot cleaners.

First, before you do anything let’s learn the importance of shocking and vacuuming the pool and which steps you need to do first.

But if you already have a robotic pool cleaner then it will clean all dirt and garbage particles from your pool.

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Importance of Vacuuming & Shocking the Pool

Vacuuming the pool removes all dirt and garbage particles from the pool floor, this step of vacuuming is so essential with a robotic pool cleaner to shock the process to work.

Because if you do shock treatment without vacuuming the pool then your pool can remain still cloudy after shock.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Process

Follow these simple steps if you don’t know too much about maintaining a swimming pool.

Step 1: Run Robotic Pool Cleaner First

Before you start the shocking treatment in your pool, you need to vacuum the pool for collecting all dirt, and garbage particles from the overall pool.

You should always run the robotic pool cleaner first before you add any chemicals or do shock treatment.

If you want your pool water to be crystal clear, fresh, and free from dirt and a cloudy feel then you have to vacuum your pool with a robotic pool cleaner before you do shock treatment.

Step 2: Remove the Bot Cleaner & Shock Your Pool

After your bot cleaner finishes its cycle, immediately remove your bot cleaner before adding anything to your pool.

Because you don’t need to put your cleaner leave while doing the shock treatment.

After removing the bot cleaner from your pool, do a shock treatment.

And if you want to shock your pool then always vacuum your pool with a robotic cleaner first then you can start shocking your pool.

Depending on the size of your pool, the shock can vary.

But generally, one shock treatment is enough for 7000 gallons of water. So if you have 20,000 gallons of water in your pool then you need to do shock treatment three times.

There are two types of shock treatments expensive liquid shock treatment and granulated form.

Liquid shock is ready to use and can directly pour into the pool but granulated form shock should be first mixed in a bucket of your pool water.

And do not add any chemicals or anything to your pool for at least 24 hours.

Step 3: Vacuum Again with your Robotic Pool cleaner

Vacuuming after chlorine shock treatment is as important as vacuuming before the shock treatment.

Vacuuming after shock treatment can remove all dirt that remains in the pool.

And always vacuum at least once a week to maintain your pool clean and safe.

Just following these steps can make you a pro at swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.

Can You Run Pool Robot while Shocking Pool?

No, you can’t run the pool robot while shocking the pool because when shocking the pool the chlorine and other chemicals can damage the plastic materials of your bot cleaner.

So always run pool robot cleaner 24 hours before the shocking treatment or after the shocking treatment.

Otherwise, you can damage your expensive bot cleaner.

Why you Shouldn’t Run Robotic Pool Cleaner While Shocking?

There are lots of reseasons why you shouldn’t run a pool cleaner while shocking but we will discuss some valid reasons that swimming pool owners make that lead to damage to their bot cleaner.

First, if you are new to this, then don’t try to experiment with anything without proper knowledge or guidance because if you do any mistake then it can cost you thousands of dollars.

Why it’s not recommended to run your bot cleaner while shocking because the body of bot cleaners is just made up of plastic.

And when you do shock treatment then other chemicals including chlorine and others can dry the plastic materials or deteriorate your bot cleaner’s body.

So if you don’t want to damage your expensive robotic pool cleaner then always try to avoid vacuuming or cleaning with bot cleaner during the shock treatment.

You can do a vacuuming or cleaning cycle with bot cleaner 24 hours before or after the shock treatment.

Final Words

If you are bigger at swimming pool maintenance then don’t do anything without any proper knowledge or guidance because one mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

So if you are a swimming pool owner then always remember to vacuum your pool 24 hours before the shock treatment and vacuum the pool after the shock treatment.

You can use a vacuum or bot cleaner to suck up all dirt, and garbage particles from the floor of your swimming pool.

If you have any questions regarding shocking or vacuuming your swimming pool then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.