If you are considering swimming in a saltwater pool and worried about whether salt water pools cause blurry vision then,

Don’t worry, we will discuss and solve all of your doubts about salt water and how it affects your eyes.

First, if you open your eyes for a couple of seconds then your eyes can be fine but if you do periodically which adds upto minutes then,

Whether you swim in a chlorine pool or saltwater pool, your eyes start to swell and chemicals in your pool water may irritate your eyes.

In this article, we will see why salt water pools cause blurry vision and how you can avoid that.

Let’s get started.

Can Sea Water Cause Blurry Vision or Burn Your Eyes?

If you want to swim in seawater then you need to know this fact,

Sea water can make your eyes burn, dry, and red which leads to blurry vision when swimming in seawater.

This happens because the salt in seawater is much higher than in any other saltwater pool.

The saltiness level in parts per million (ppm) of seawater is 35,000 ppm which is insane compared to freshwater (under 1000 ppm) and saltwater pools (under 3500 ppm),

So you should never swim in seawater without goggles.

Because when the ppm of water crosses the ppm of tears which is 9,000 ppm then it can cause irritation in your eyes and can burn your eyes.

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What Makes salt water Pools Burn Your Eyes?

If the salt in saltwater pools exceeds the recommended amount then it can cause swelling and redness.

And if the salt in salt water pools is higher than salt in human tears then that water can burn your eyes and cause blurry vision.

So always keep the salt levels of your saltwater pools at a balanced level.

Why Are My Eyes Blurry After Swimming?

As I said before, it doesn’t matter if you swim in chlorine pools or saltwater pools, if you keep your eyes open in the swimming pool periodically then it can make your eyes blurry.

Because the chemicals used in pool water can irritate the eyes and also cause inflammation.

And another reason why your eyes become blurry is because if the pH level of the pool water is high or low then it can make the pool water acidic or alkaline.

Which can irritate your eyes and cause blurry vision after swimming.

So you should always wear swimming goggles while swimming.

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Can Salt Water Pools Cause Blurry Vision?

As I said before, not only saltwater pools but chlorine pools also cause blurry vision.

Because both contain chemicals, chlorine pools contain chlorine, and saltwater pools contain salt which can be filtered to chlorine again.

And when chlorine comes in contact with your eyes for a period of time then it can lead to irritation and swelling,

Which can make your vision and eyes blurry.

High or low pH levels in salt water pools also make the salt water pools acidic or alkaline which can irritate your eyes.

So you should always wear goggles while swimming in saltwater pools or chlorine pools.

How Long Do Eyes Stay Blurry After Swimming?

If the chemicals in pool water cause your eyes blurry vision then it depends on the severity irritation.

Because mild or small irritation can clear up in a few hours but if the irritation is strong then it can take one or two days to completely make your vision normal.

If your eyes stay continuously blurry after 24 hours or you feel pain, redness, or swelling then you should definitely contact your doctor.

How to Stop Your Eyes From Getting Blury While Swimming?

If your eyes become blurry when you swim then you should always wear swimming goggles or contact lenses.

You should choose a goggle that can fit properly and provide a tight seal so chemicals in water can’t get to your eyes.

And if you are using contact lenses then it can work the same as goggles.

And you should always take a break after swimming for 30 minutes, break I mean you should come out of the pool for several minutes.

If you feel blurry eyes after swimming then you can use eye drops and rinse and wash your eyes with fresh water.

Final Words

If you are swimming in saltwater pools then you should always wear goggles to protect your eyes.

And it doesn’t matter if you swim in a chlorine pool, salt water pool or in the ocean, you should always protect your eyes,

You can use contact lenses or goggles, and don’t forget to rinse and wash your eyes with fresh water after swimming.

You can also use eye drops to clean your eyes and remove the chemicals from your eyes.

If you have any questions regarding saltwater pools and blurry vision then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.